Is my Web Content Altered?

Is My Web Content Altered?

Disputable network agents, namely free Wi-Fi hotspots providers such as those found in airports or coffee shops, have been found to monetize their networks by injecting advertisements and trackers into their customers' traffic.

Ad Injection Example

Such adverts are served by network agents instead of website publishers. This is a relatively new approach, and we are trying to determine its usage worldwide.
This website is designed to assess whether your internet connection is affected by such practices.
We also detect local page alterations that come from browser extensions and programs that may run on your machine.

How does this service work?

  1. Click the Run Check button below.
  2. Your browser will download a dummy page, as well as some JavaScript.
  3. The JavaScript will send the page's source over an encrypted AJAX channel.
  4. The server will compare the sent and received source codes.
    A side-by-side diff view will be shown alongside a brief summary.

Do you keep info?

We are trying to bust trackers, not to be trackers ourselves. However, we will store the following information for research and statistics purposes only:

Note that this data is already logged by default by all standard webservers anyway.